Vision & Objectives


  • Reinforce the national and integrative character of education.
  • Improve quality and standards of school education and literacy towards building a society committed to Constitutional values.
  • Provide free and compulsory quality education to all children at elementary level as envisaged under the Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2013 (Sindh Act No. XIV of 2013).
  • Universalize opportunities for quality secondary education.
  • Establish a fully literate society.


  • Create a capacity that would strengthen the Education Department’s ability to adopt and implement the education policy and strategy.
  • Install a well-integrated and functional monitory system through and institutional Tracking System for tracking the outreach of incentives.
  • The Unit’s areas of expertise would include data collection, data analysis, and its institutionalized impact on policy and strategy.
  • Coordination of policy & its implementation.