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There have been three key systemic impediments which have kept the Sindh Education Sector from performing to its optimum capacity.

  1. Poor incentives and capacity for systematic and strategic planning and effective implementation
  2. Minimal monitoring and accountability of service delivery agents for implementation integrity and performance
  3. System capture by insiders and other special interest groups that prefer the status quo.
At the school level, these challenges have contributed to high teacher absenteeism and low student attendance (girls and boys), as well as other inefficiencies. These trends appear immune to existing accountability mechanisms. Through establishing independent monitoring system these obstacles are addressed to great level. These independent monitors are being headed by the Directorate General of Monitoring and Evaluation under World Bank Technical Assistance (WB TA).

The monitoring and evaluation wing was set up in the Education and Literacy Department to ensure full transparency within the department. Through this, students’ enrollment and teachers’ presence will be tracked. Under this initiative District Monitoring Units are being established. Independent monitors have also been recruited and are being given induction training. M & E will help address the issues of teacher absenteeism and raise the student enrollment.

Quick Wins

Good news!

School Education Department, Government of Sindh, has fast tracked its efforts for improving quantitative and qualitative education indicators in the wake of Education Emergency in Sindh Province.

The department is making headway with a challenge, for opening up the closed schools. So far, 2076 non-functional/viable closed schools have been re-opened across the province by rationalizing "Students Teacher Ratio (STR)" as reported by the respective Education Directorates & Education Field Offices.

For ensuring transparency and accuracy of this information, such list of re-opened schools is attached (also available on Department Website & Face Book Page). The School Education Department would appreciate if community, civil society, School Management Committees, Parents should come forward, visit these schools and offer their positive and constructive contribution in making all these schools fully operational and functional, so that our all such sincere efforts could turn them a real success.

In case you notice any discrepancy in the list please send your feed back to us at: reopeningofschools@sindheducation.gov.pk

Together we can make a difference!

List of Re-opened Closed Schools

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