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The Department of Education has established a separate node dedicated for the program of Public Private Partnership (PPP) to increase access and to improve the quality of educational services with support of the Private Sector. The PPRS intervention focuses on ensuring that the children in marginalized areas have access to quality education.

The project was initially launched under SERP-I in 2008 and currently the PPP node is working in ten districts of Sindh especially in underserved localities. About 1000 schools under PPRS have been opened and 60,000 children have benefited through this initiative. Every child is given Rs. 500/= per month along with books.

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School Education Department, Government of Sindh, has fast tracked its efforts for improving quantitative and qualitative education indicators in the wake of Education Emergency in Sindh Province.

The department is making headway with a challenge, for opening up the closed schools. So far, 2076 non-functional/viable closed schools have been re-opened across the province by rationalizing "Students Teacher Ratio (STR)" as reported by the respective Education Directorates & Education Field Offices.

For ensuring transparency and accuracy of this information, such list of re-opened schools is attached (also available on Department Website & Face Book Page). The School Education Department would appreciate if community, civil society, School Management Committees, Parents should come forward, visit these schools and offer their positive and constructive contribution in making all these schools fully operational and functional, so that our all such sincere efforts could turn them a real success.

In case you notice any discrepancy in the list please send your feed back to us at: reopeningofschools@sindheducation.gov.pk

Together we can make a difference!

List of Re-opened Closed Schools

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